Family Owned and Operated Since 1963


Our Philosophy

"Honesty, it goes a long way",  Ace Lange 

Ace lived by the value of honesty and established his home building company on the same principle.  This, combined with his demand for quality in his home construction is the foundation of our family business.  We are honoured to have the opportunity to carry on his legacy for generations to come. 


From our Family to Yours

Our family business is now in it's 3rd generation of ownership.  Ace spent over 40 years working with his sons, Cal and Gord before his passing in 2015.  As Ace's 4 grandchildren (Kristy, Kevin, Erin and Jill) we have all been a part of the family business for over a decade alongside Ace, Cal and Gord and are excited to carry forward the values they have taught us.

This company is part of who we are. Witnessing firsthand the care and passion our grandfather had for his company, is something we will always cherish.  He was honest, hardworking and demanded the best.  We miss him dearly and with each home we strive to honour his legacy of an honest, quality build.    Cal and Gord have an incredible amount of knowledge of the new home building industry in Edmonton and we are infinitely grateful to have grown into their smart, loyal and kind business practices.  


Luxury Designs, Built on Tradition

"Do it, do it right, or don't do it at all." - Ace Lange

There is a reason realtors include that homes are Ace Lange Homes in their specifications.  We have decades of expertise in new home construction and know the true mark of a good home is what is behind the walls and under the floors.  We build each home with pride and are not willing to put our name on anything less than a quality build.  

Ace Lange Home Owners

“Since our initial experience in 2001 we have had the pleasure of working with Ace Lange on two additional new home construction projects. All three construction projects have been

a positive experience and we would certainly look to Ace Lange again in the future if we decide to build again. Working with a builder that stands behind their product and encourages the purchaser to be fully engaged in all phases of design and construction makes home building an exciting and worry free experience.” 

Tays Family

Tays Family